Misery Loves Company

Tuesday night workouts

A perennial Atlanta favorite for over 20 years, the “Misery Loves Company” workouts originated with the great Coach Roy Benson. Every Tuesday evening at 6:00pm, a large group of like-minded masochists come together to get faster. Whether you are a beginner hoping to drop time or a veteran attempting to return to form, Marist School’s track serves as the meeting ground for runners of all-abilities.

Runners from 18 to 80 meet to train for races ranging from the 800m to the Marathon. The ability range of the participants vary widely from low 18’s for the 5k to over 30 minutes, from beginners to veterans of more than 60 years of running. Each week, Coach Heintz creates custom workouts tailored for the 5k, the 10k and for the half and full marathon based on your running ability. You can choose which workout based on preference or based on what your goal race is. There is also a small group of beginners doing speed work for the first time. Training with a group will keep you motivated and push you to new personal records or just help you finish that first marathon. Remember, everything is easier with someone to complain with!

Where: Marist School*
When: 6:00pm every Tuesday rain or shine
Cost: $45 a month

Note: Please park in the student parking lot across from Kuhrt Gymnasium and do not park next to the track. Bathrooms are open and water is available. During the winter months the lights are on. We ask that when on the track that you pass on the outside if you are faster than others. There are too many people to begin yelling “track” at, so please pass on the outside.

*During the spring months, we sometimes meet at Blackburn Park across the street from Marist for hill workouts. This is communicated in advance. During the summer we still meet at the track, but often do workouts on the fields or trails surrounding Marist to avoid the heat.