As a coach I have a single goal in mind: to make you the fastest runner that you can be given your level of commitment. Very few people have the luxury of unlimited training time. Most of us are professionals, but not professional runners. I will work within the confines of your schedule to make you the best you can be given your life situation. Some people can only run 3-4 days a week and others can run 10-13 times a week; I will take what you can give and get you the most out of your training.

I do not believe that there are short cuts in running. As the name “High Miles Running” suggests, I do believe in training volume and hard work is to be expected. One of the most beautiful elements of running is that you will get back what you put in. All of us should be running more than we currently are if we want to reach our potential; however, sometimes life takes over and we need to limit our training time. We will work to determine the training load that you can handle given your work, school and family obligations.

I have had the blessing of directly working with many fine coaches and have been influenced through the writings and lectures of many others. For three years I worked daily with Roy Benson at Marist School. You will see that my daily training plans are sprinkled with the ideas of Coach Benson, Tom Schwarz, Jack Daniels, Joe Vigil, Brad Hudson and Arthur Lydiard. My programs focus on aerobic development, race-specific speed, general strength/stamina, and speed maintenance. I believe that consistency in training is the single most important training mechanism. I will unswervingly err on the side being too conservative. I believe injuries are the runner’s greatest obstacle. In sum, I have the following statement to define my beliefs on running:

   Run. Run often. Mostly easy. Some moderate. A little hard.