Team Training Plans by Coach Heintz

With 11 state cross country team championships, 2 track and field team state championships, 9 individual state champions and 145 kids on the his cross country team, Coach Heintz knows what it takes for a program to succeed. If you are serious about helping your team become the best it can be, work with Coach Heintz in developing a team training program to help your athletes reach the next level. Coach Heintz will develop a training plan for 1-6 months to get your squad ready for the big race or mentor you as you develop the plan yourself. He can also assist in developing stretching routines, core training routines, weight-lifting routines, team behavior contracts, parent information, or anything related to bringing your team to the status of "program." Learn the in's and out's of what it takes to succeed and peak "the Marist Way." Coach Heintz can be as involved or removed as you like, but his goal is to help your team reach its potential.

Cost: Varies with the demands of each situation