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PROGRESS: The Charles Harris 10K is my most important race of the year. A good course, and usually good weather. Last year I ran a good race, but my racing times had been getting progressively slower over time. I ran 49:40, and wrote in my log, "Just need to train more." Shortly after, I started going to High Miles (after a several-year hiatus) and have been going consistently all year. This year, the conditions at the Charles Harris 10K were nearly identical as last year, but my time was over two minutes faster: 47:37. THANKS!!!
Craig Arnold
My experience with Eric has been amazing, and here's why:

1. Anyone who runs can benefit from having a coach. I didn't run in high school or college, and so I've never had a coach before. I didn't see the point, since I was just running for fun. But after working with a coach, I realized what I was missing out on. Before I used to always worry about whether I was running too much or too little, and I couldn't rely on my own research because I didn't have experience or the understanding to know what various running workouts and terms were (pickups, strides, etc.). Having a coach has removed that anxiety for me. It's the coach's job to think about when, what, and how I need to run. It has given me something that I've always wanted to since I started running, and that is - to simply run and not worry about anything else.

2. Eric is a great running coach. There are undoubtedly many great coaches, but I highly recommend Eric. He has already thought about, is thinking about now, or will be thinking about any running related topic that will come up. He has coached and continues to coach just about every level of running - high school, college, masters, etc. And because he's focused on the goals that you set for yourself, there's no pressure or anxiety. It's one of the easiest and stress-free working relationships I've ever had.

3. My running has improved dramatically because of Eric. My race performance has obviously improved, but most importantly for me, I've never enjoyed running as much as I do now, and I've been able to run more and do so without risking injury, pain or burnout. Like I said, now I just simply run and I don't worry about anything else.
Naveen R.
When I started coming to Misery Loves Company, I was a very self-conscious back-of- the-pack runner. When I heard the amazing race reports from the group, I worried that I would be a burden to Coach Eric and crew, since I had a lot of questions and a lot of work to do. I also felt certain that I would never measure up. I could not have been more wrong! The participants are incredibly encouraging and kind, and Coach Eric provides exactly the instruction and motivation that each runner needs. And the hard work and results speak for themselves - on February 11, 2012, after just a few months of training, I ran the ATC Hearts and Soles 5K, and I finished in 28:58 (my previous PR was 31:18)! My husband was so impressed that he joined MLC as well – we are so grateful to be a part of the group.
Betty Rhoades
This running group is for people of any age, any running ability, with or without disabilities, that are looking for a committed group of people, coached by a professional caring man. My experience with Coach Heintz has been very educational and enlightening. I am a fifty three year old woman and run a 5K around twenty eight minutes. Coach Heintz treats me like I am one of his elite running clients. He has a true interest in everyone he coaches. I really enjoy coming to the track and working out on Tuesday nights. The other runners are friendly and encouraging as well.
Luann Blynn
My 5k time had been stuck at 19.30ish for quite some time and your programme helped me take that final step! I followed the My5k training programme for around 6 weeks and I have finally managed to break the 19 minute barrier! Thanks! I've now adjusted my target and I'm hoping to get below 18.30 over the next few months.
Ricky Nelson, UK
I had been running and training on my own for a couple years. I missed qualifying for the Boston Marathon by 2 minutes and 3 seconds. Then I started training with Eric, following his plan and after 4 months I qualified for Boston with 44 seconds to spare (3:14:16) and set a PR in the half on a hilly course. Thanks to Eric I will be running Boston in 2013 and my time will be valid for 2014 as well! Thank you Eric, you make dreams come true!!
Doug Brooks, Atlanta
I first joined MLC because I had heard from my other running friends how much Eric had helped them improve their race times. I considered myself an average to slow runner, averaging around 10 minutes per mile and really wanted to get faster. Since I joined, every workouts been hard. Some went better for me than others. Eric always seemed to know just how fast we are able to run. Many times when he gave me a workout I told him I couldn't run that fast.. but then when I tried it I was able to. After I struggled through the hot summer, I noticed that I was really starting to get faster. I signed up for a half marathon an was in tears at the finish line when I realized I ran it in 1:52.. Which is a ridiculous 23 minutes faster than my previous PR!!! Shortly after I ran the Charles Harris 10K in 50:02 (and I stopped to tie my shoes 3 times..) which is over 10 minutes faster then when I ran it 2 years before that!! Eric's training has made a huge difference in my running and I am constantly telling all my friends they need to join the group!! Thanks Eric!!!
Betsy Schwartz
Coach Heintz has designed a program that has kept me injury free while enjoying the benefits of track work. This has not happened before in my 35 year running career! He listens to what your goals and limitations are and is realistic with expectations and workouts. The workouts are interesting to run and seeing improved times keeps me motivated. Long live MLC!!!
Terry Ozell
Eric Heintz is an outstanding coach. I have been competing in track and field for over 40 years and Eric knows far more than me about training middle distance runners. With Eric’s help I again won The State of Ga 800 meter championship as well as the Chattanooga and Savannah Mile. If you are a former or current middle distance runner and would enjoy the thrill of “being fast again” Eric is the coach for you.
Paul J. Alar
Misery Loves Company has helped me run faster than I ever thought and to know how to pace myself. I hear story after story after story about friends going out too fast and not reaching their goals. They also don't do speed work on the track with a coach, understand and have a sense of proper pace. Before MLC, I couldn't break 2:00 in a Half-Marathon to save my life. After showing up to MLC on a CONSISTENT basis, I signed up for the Silver Comet Half-Marathon a couple of years ago. I knew what my heart rate should be in the first miles of the race, and I actually thought my Heart Rate Monitor wasn't working correctly because I was doing 8:00 miles at my target heart rate. I actually held that pace to a 1:40 finish and couldn't believe it. MLC also helped me to a sub-42:00 10k, which I never thought about reaching as well. After a two-year layoff from running, I'm coming back every Tuesday now. It's a little frustrating getting passed like I'm sitting still by friends I used to run with, but I know if I stay consistent and do what Eric tells me, I'll get my speed back and even go faster than I ever thought. Look out Boston, Somehow, Someway.
Kevin Burton, 38
I played soccer in high school and college. In those days, there was a fitness test called the Cooper Test. It was an endurance test that I had to perform every year, high school and college, at the start of preseason. It was a way of ranking everyone’s fitness. Run two miles in twelve minutes, that was the task. In the eight years of high school and college, presumably when I was in the best shape of my life, I could never dip below 13:20. After my last collegiate season, I took up running and figured it was a good time to run my first marathon. Until then, I’d only run to condition for soccer.

After college, running became my go-to sport, meditation, personal time, and exercise. In my early thirties, I realized that my running had basically plateaued. I would read a book or learn a new strategy, but my times remained relatively unchanged; I could no longer improve on my own. And I still felt haunted by that twelve minute standard; more than 15 years after my first attempt, I wanted to pass the Cooper, not for anyone else—for myself. That’s when I decided to hire a coach, Eric Heintz, who evaluated my skill set, my fitness, and my goals—the Cooper!—and created a gameplan and running schedule to meet those goals.

Eric and I started working together in September 2010 and on November 13 at 8:39 am, I ran a 5:58 mile. In just a few months, Eric did more for my fitness and training than 15 years of conditioning on my own. Running two miles in twelve minutes can only happen if you have the fitness to run two consecutive sub-6:00 miles, and I had just run my first—ever!

A month and a day later, I ran a 12:46 two-miler, obliterating my previous PR by :34. In November I saw a 5 on my watch for the first time, and in December I saw the 12.

Since then I’ve shattered both of these records again, running two miles in 11:56 and one mile in 5:37. That’s dropping another :20 and :30 respectively!

For fun, we’ve also schedule a few 5Ks. In the first, I dropped my PR by 1:49! In the second, I dropped that PR by another ten seconds, and finished 4th overall. After a year of training, I ran a 5k in 19:10 [6:11 pace]! All of these times speak for themselves.

Sure I did all the training, but the real credit goes to my coach. Eric seemed to know exactly what I needed and when I needed it, and he taught me what I was doing right and wrong, expanding my understanding of training and making me a better, smarter runner. When I twisted my ankle and was less capable for a week, we improvised and I didn’t lose a bit of fitness. When I wanted a down week to enjoy vacation, Eric designed an enjoyable week of minimal workouts that allowed me to stay fit while enjoying my vacation. All the while, Eric has only been a phone call or email away.

At 6’ and 190 lbs I’m not your typical runner’s size, and I don’t exactly have perfect form. But with my mind set on my goals and with Eric’s know-how, I have full confidence that I’ll not only meet my goal, but obliterate it.
Brian Davis
Coach Eric Heintz has done wonders with my son. Eric has built a strong team at High Miles Running and encouraged my son to run his best. Through Eric’s guidance, motivation and enthusiasm, Frank’s running has improved in leaps and bounds along with his confidence. Eric uses his unique talents of teaching, patience, leadership, and inspiration to keep Frank on the right path. Frank’s success in placing first in several races is proof positive of the exceptional training he is receiving from Eric. We are so grateful and blessed to have found Coach Heintz and would highly recommend him and his team.
Sharon Crippen-Ginsburg LCSW
Many Thanks to My Coach – The realization of turning 60 years of age is a bit depressing, especially if you happen to be a female. Gravity has a way of eventually catching up to even the thin and fit folks, and plain and simple – you eventually start to look really older. Having been a recreational runner for the past 23 years or so, mostly to feel and (much more importantly) to look better, it was easy to take for granted the modest improvements my fitness level and race times experienced with running as the first dozen or so years sped by.

Then gradually things began to change – along with looking older, I began to get slower and slower. With the entrance into a new age group (60 +) I decided to see if there was any way I could turn the tables on “old age” and get my running to start improving again – enter Eric Heintz, my coach – I had already become a part of the Tuesday night track sessions at Marist (Misery Loves Company) – Eric, the coach there, seemed to think there truly was hope for me to see improvement in my running so I decided to give it a shot.

He designed a program just for me and I have to admit – running is just a whole lot more fun now that I go to my schedule each day to see what my workout includes. Eric has designed the program for my age and ability so that the hard work out days are difficult but achievable – my rickety, arthritic knees have actually gained strength with this and for the first time in many years I am having no trouble running six days a week.

So far, nine weeks into the program, we have eliminated a minute and twenty seconds from my 5K race time (30:04 to 28:44) – I do not know just how long I will enjoy or how great will be the improvements, but I am committed to giving this program an honest try. It truly works.

Thank you, Eric for your efforts with me – your sincerity and patience are greatly appreciated.
Charlotte Harman
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