Workout Menu

Is your life too busy for a daily workout or do you need to adapt your workouts to your work schedule on a regular basis? High Miles Running's "Workout Menu" is what is right for you! Comprising 3-4 months of workouts custom to your current fitness, it allows you to pick what workout you want to do and when based on your needs and time constraints while still keeping you honest in a balanced training program. For $50 you get a 5 different workout groups ranging from long tempo runs to short intervals and everything in between. Each workout group gives you at least 6 different, progressive workouts customized to your fitness level. Pick and execute 2-3 workouts a week from the different groups and watch your fitness reach new peaks! Just check off the workouts as you go and make sure to follow the instructions provided and you will be setting PR's in no time at all!

Not sure if it is right for you? Contact Us for more information and a sample.